Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tap List 9/28/08

Collaborative Evil (10% a.b.v.)

Oktoberfest (6.3% a.b.v.)
I think we have really nailed this recipe.

Hoppy Little "O" (6.5% a.b.v.)
Just like last time, except a little easier drinking. A beautiful marriage between a hoppy American IPA and a belgian ale. And made with organic malt of course.

Replicale Belgian Pale Ale (5.7% a.b.v.)
13 Lucky Brewers- One Similar Recipe - 13 Different Beers
American Belgian Pale Ale. A moderate-strength golden ale with a fruity American hop nose, a spicy and fruity "Belgian" complexity with a slightly sweet character and a dry finish. Ingredients graciously donated by The Mid Country Malt Group and White Labs Pure Brewers Yeast.

Guest Tap: Dogfish Head Punkin
Guest Stout: O'hara's Irish Stout


Unknown said...

Brewer A, Brewer C from PDX!

I have a scarf for you! I have a lame story of sending it and having it returned to sender and me arguing with the post office, etc. Will you be in Denver? I will be there for my inauguration into the debauchery.


Russ said...

I will second your assessment that you've nailed the Oktoberfest recipe. Best O-fest I've had this season, hands down.