Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Next Tapping

We're tapping into our Imperial Schwartz Bier just before the holidays, which will be on Thursday the 22nd, at the bar at 5pm. The Schwartz came in at 9.5%abv with 56IBU's, and is just the smooth, mellow dark beer we need at a time like this! The very subtle roast compliments the malt very well, and finishes nice, smooth and dry.


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Toys for Tots and a Winter Warmer!

On Tuesday, the 13th, we'll be tapping our Spoonless Winter Warmer, and in celebration in junction with the Toys for Tots drive, if you donate a toy you'll receive a free pint!


Revision to the Beers of Christmas

Just wanted to note that we are going to change the time of the tapping of the 12 beers of Christmas to 11:30am (opening time), so they will be available all day long


Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Next Tappings

We're incorporating the next tappings into our 12 days of Christmas and will release them at the bar at 5pm (same time for all the 12 beers). All mug clubbers will receive their first pint free!

The Spoonless Winter Warmer - 7.1%abv, OG 19.5 IBU 37
A nice, rich, mahogany colored ale, that we spiced with cinnamon, orange peel and elderflowers.

Belgian Abbey Ale - 7.9%abv, OG 17.2 IBU 22
Reddish in color, finishes quite dry slightly sweet, this belgian ale is full of fruity aromas mixed with spices.


Beers of Christmas

We're doing our 12 beers of Christmas again this year, starting next Monday on the 12th! Everyday we'll be tapping at 5pm a "one-off" beer to celebrate the days prior to our favorite corporate holiday.....oh wait, I mean "favorite holiday."

A couple of the releases with an ( * ) beside it are actual new releases, and will be of course be available after that day. Because of the holiday spirits (meant to be plural) the tappings will be held at the bar and Mug Clubbers will receive their first pint free.

Anywho, here's the line up

1 Coffee Stout
2 Spoonless Winter Warmer*
3 Belgian Abbey Ale*
4 Ginger Red Ale
5 Wassail Wheat
6 Spruce Red Ale
7 Chocolate Vanilla Porter
8 Blueberry Kellehers
9 Cardamom Raspberry
10 Anise Stout
11 Juniper Pale Ale
12 Apricot IPA

And then to celebrate the Ebenezer in all of us, we're releasing a "13th" day of Christmas Ale which will be the Barrel Aged Beelzebeer! It'll be available on the 26th of December (black monday? wait, that's "black boxing day")