Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Our newest (and now award winning) IPA, "Hoppy, Hoppy, Joy, Joy" is out on shelves today, even if it is our own shelves! It is a royal purple was and is not the same as the Celebration IPA with the same color released quite awhile ago. Currently we are going solo on this batch, but if we have to sell all of the cases bottled right here through our pub, than so be it.

That brings me to another point (rant).... DO NOT AGE IPAs!!! IPAs are meant to be drank fresh and consumed before the hop character has faded. Has anyone ever read the label on a Russian River IPA? They only state this 20 or more times. There is no benefit to aging IPAs. Your wait will be rewarded with muted hops and dashed hopes. Do not patronize locations where they have a wide assortment of our IPAs - that means two things...1) they must charge an arm and a leg for them otherwise they would move (I have heard reports of a $17 of 2008 IPA near Wrigleyville!!!) and 2) they are irresponsibly buying (or being irresponsibly sold) this style of beer. Each one is 1-2 months older than the last, do you really want an old IPA? Aged beers are good if they are the right style - IPA is not that style. So, in conclusion as I get off my soap box, DO NOT AGE YOUR IPAS!!!

2010 CBS Brewpub Shootout Showing

The 12th Annual Chicagoland Brewpub Shootout took place on Saturday the 23rd and from all expectations another success. When the results come out in full I can post them, but for my first time I was pleasantly surprised. A 2nd for Best Beer for "Hoppy, Hoppy, Joy, Joy, IPA" and 2nd in best beer/food pairing (which is why we were all there) for a "Apple-smoked Bacon-wrapped Firey Shrimp over Asian Slaw, with a Dry-hopped Panama Red Ale." Thanks to all of you who came out an voted. A definite "can't miss" event for all of those who have the opportunity.

Out with the old(er) and in with the New

The delicious Devout Stout Oatmeal Stout developed and brewed by Asst. Brewer Richard Grant is currently on is down to the last keg. If you are trying to get this before it is out now is the time. After this one has poured, there will be a Coffee Imperial Stout making its debut. We have a limited amount of this as this was a portion of the Dark Matter that was saved and aged on coffee beans.

Monday, January 04, 2010


Hope everyone had a great time ringing in the new year, I know I did. With the new year comes an announcement of another beer on tap. The bourbon barrel aged "12" is now on and pouring. It is a 16 month aged Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale. Look for it next time you're at the station!