Thursday, September 18, 2008

One Week (and a day) Left Until Evil

The Rundown:

What: The Release of COLLABORATIVE EVIL our 10% a.b.v. Belgian Style Strong Dark ale made with exotic sugars, honey from the Morton Arboretum, Orange Peel, Black Cardamom, Raisins, two strains of Belgian yeast, and love.

When: Saturday September, 27th. Noon for mug club members, 1 p.m. for General Public

Who: Hopefully you, because we only will have 60-70 cases to sell. (period.) $12/bottle $120/case of 12

Where: At Flossmoor Station. Where else?

Why: Why? Are you serious? This is our first bottled seasonal release. AND it's an Oktoberfest party at the same time! (and you never know what other nuggets might be for sale) Plus the forecast for Saturday, unlike last week, is 78 degrees sunny and pleasant. What other adjective would you look for when dealing with COLLABORATIVE EVIL!


Unknown said...

Man oh man. Sucks that I'll be at the AHA rally at Bell's that day. Save me a bottle :-)

frank said...

Will it be on tap too? (I would assume, but you know what happens when you assUme...)

Unknown said...

Are they 12 oz or 22 oz bottles?

brewer a said...

Yes some will be on draught Frank, and Joe they are 22ox bottles just like our other bottles.

Rachel said...

Cliff brought a bottle to Lush on Halsted last night to celebrate the release with the staff. was phenomenal. We are so very excited for the pouring event on Thursday. Wooooo! Weeeee!

Good work, kids. Really. Yum.

Beautiful label. Delicious beer. And local. Love it!

Rachel Driver

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1257 South Halsted
Chicago, IL 60607


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