Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Playground Savior and the Half Day Hefeweizen

We'll be having our next tapping for the Half Day Hefeweizen on Monday, July 18th, at 7pm for mug clubbers, and at 8pm behind the bar. Hope to see you all there!

Also just out is our Playground Savior, which is our new sour that just went on tap today. It's a blend of a sour from long ago (and don't really know its history), mixed with our .357 Imperial Pils, and a small addition of Apple Juice, which brings together a really nice, tart and refreshing beer. There's only a 1/4bbl of it, so come out and try it while it lasts!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Half Day Hefeweizens and Big Belgians

With the Summer Solstice behind us and in full summer mode, we've been creating some tasty beers to soothe our dry, thirsty palates! We have a tasty little Belgian Wit on tap now, which has a nice balance between being uncomplicated enough to be sessionable, and complicated enough to be interesting and full of flavor. Next along is another wheat beer, a bit south of Belgium. We brewed a traditional German Hefeweizen yesterday, with 70% wheat (13% unmalted), and it's already fermenting along very happily and filling our brewhouse with the aromas of clove and bananas! That should be ready for thirst quenching in a few weeks.

Also, for our less than hydrating beers, we have our Belgian Triple 15th Anniversary Ale coming along very nicely. It's approaching the end of its fermentation, and (by the best of our abilities and calculations) has come to its full 15% abv. Surprizingly, the flavors are smooth and rounded without much heat or hit of the high alcohol levels. It'll be released on July 8th, both on tap here at the Station and in bottles. Additionally to celebrate the day (which is the actual 15th Anniversary) we'll be tapping into a few specialties of barrel aged beer and sours; but more on that is to come.

Next in line for fermentation of funness will be a Hopfinweizen. We'll be brewing another Hefeweizen, but this time be hopping it heavily with a regime more adkin to an IPA, as well as dry hopping it. The balance in flavors from the citrusy, piney hops works really well with the fruity esters of the Hefe.

Other than that we'll keep you posted on the sours as they rotate and any other special tappings!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Candor Sour

We have a new sour on now, which is our Candor American Sour blend. It's about 50/50 of a sour, that I have no clue as to what it was originally, but I do know that it was put away to sour back in 2009 (or at least I think I do). To balance out its tartness, I added 50% Station Master Wheat, which helps to make a more palatable beverage.

Next in our line up of sours is the Playground Savior, which Mark put together (and also named). It's the same base sour as the Candor, but blended with the .357 Pilz and an addition of Apple juice, which creates a very interesting, and highly alcoholic sour, which is really tasty! The Savior will be coming along after Candor kicks!


Tuesday, June 07, 2011

More Sours and a Little Wit

We are finally going to be tapping our Belgian Wit, the Le Chien Blanc (which just means "the little white dog" in French....just sounds better in francais). That'll be happening on Monday, June 20th at 7pm for Mug Clubbers, and at 8pm behind the bar.

Also coming along is our Summer of Sours. Mark pulled together a nice blend this afternoon, featuring a sour with over 55 lbs of peaches that has soured away for over 2 years, blended with just a touch of apricot. The sweetness of the fruit helps to balance the tartness, but is mellow enough not to be at all dominating. That'll be on tap once our Bare Brett kicks, so please come out and tell us what you think!