Thursday, October 22, 2009

Please note change.......

The IPA tapping date of Nov. 10th has been changed. The new date is Nov. 3rd. Thanks!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beers Nov. 7th

If there are any Bourbon barrel-aged beer fans out there don't miss this fest. The event is November 7th and consists of two sessions. Info here There will be beers from all over the country from the top breweries. Awards will be given at the evening session for the top honors. Flossmoor will feature 4 beers (all aged in bourbon barrels): Anno Unum Belgian-style Sour, Pullman's Reserve Brown Ale, Killer Kapowski Baltic Porter, and the Big Black Pumpkin. Proceeds from the event go to fund the Illinois Brewer's Guild so come out and support all of Illinois' breweries! See you there.

Beer: Breakfast Beverage???

We are going to be releasing out King Wheat Hefeweizen on Saturday, November 14th at 10:00 AM. This will be our second Hefeweizen Breakfast and we are pleased to be having it again. We will feature a menu with items suited for a German-style breakfast and for an American-style breakfast as well.

Mark the date and time as we will also be releasing the last 24 bottles of Ovation! There will be 24 bottles available at 10AM to the first persons to get them. I am crying a small tear that there is so little available!

Black Magic IPA Tapping!

The newest IPA is in the tanks and ready for dry-hopping. The date has been set for Tuesday, November 3rd at 8pm. This newest IPA is a twist on the style purely for the sake of being different. The Black Magic IPA, as the name implies, is going to have the look of a stout and the taste of a regular IPA. It will be dry-hopped with Chinook only yielding a piney, resinous, and lingering bitterness. We will update the post with the ABV when it is done fermenting. Check back to find out!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bourbon Barrel Aged Big Black Pumpkin

It has finally come to the season that I love the most - Bourbon Beer season. The temps have just cooled enough that these monsters-in-a-snifter can be quaffed. We will be featuring bourbon aged beers throughout the fall, winter, and maybe spring (if they last.) Initially, we will be rolling out the beers that were in barrels when I arrived. I have a few of my own in the basement, but still a little young. When we keg up all the barrels we have to fill them up again so there is an abundant supply. Here are the stats on the first beer. Hope you enjoy.

Bourbon Barrel-aged Big Black Pumpkin (B4P)

ABV: ~9%

Style: Imperial Chocolate Pumpkin Porter aged in Bourbon Barrels

Description: Pours inky black with brown foam. Aromas are complex with tart, cardamom spice, and bourbon most prevalent. Initial tartness in flavor yields to subtle chocolate and pumpkin spice finish. Slight alcohol warming after drinking.

Sizes Avail: - Snifter ONLY.

PS - LET THE BEER WARM SLIGHTLY BEFORE DRINKING. As the beer warms up, more of the base beer style comes through like the pumpkin and spices. Until then, the bourbon and oak flavors dominate. Remember also this is a bourbon barrel aged beer - flavors of the base beer fade over time, and new interesting ones emerge. Please don't be disappointed if there is just hints of what the beer was before it went into the barrel.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

IPA in bottles and CE '09

Just a quick post to let everyone know that our IPA (Hop Huffer) is down to the last couple of cases and will soon be sold out. So get the bottles while you can! However, it will still be on tap in the pub for you to enjoy! Speaking of on tap, we are also down to our very last keg of Collaborative Evil '09 in the pub. Once that goes it will only be available in bottles.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Ruby Brown Munich Dunkel Tapping

The next tapping will take place October 20th, 8pm. We will be releasing our "Ruby Brown" Munich Dunkel (even though many of you have sampled Ms. Brown at previous Oktoberfest events across the city!) This deep copper/brown lager has aromas and flavors of chocolate, roast malts, and a classic lager finish. The body is medium to light and tips the abv scale at 6%. Can't wait to see you all again.


Friday, October 02, 2009


There WILL NOT be any of the Ovation bottles for sale preceding out Oktoberfest due to our labels not receiving approval in time. We will still be having this release pending the approval of the label, and I will announce it at the next tapping as well as on the blog. Please let us say we are truly sorry for this snafu.

There WILL BE plenty of Collaborative Evil '09 for sale beginning at 10am for Mug Club Members and at 11am for the general public. Can't wait to see everyone.