Saturday, October 04, 2008

We're off to Denver!

If you don't see us around the brewery the next several days, it's because FINALLY, this is the week. On Tuesday I head to Midway to jet off to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. It's put on by the Brewers Association. This is the biggest and best beer festival and competition in the country. Any beer brewed in the United States is invited to compete. In past years, if you haven't heard, we've done rather well. I always look forward to GABF time as we get to try world class beers, interact with colleagues across the country and see how our beers measure up with some of the best beers in the world. It's really a brewer's chance to shine and it gives us a little something to shoot for each fall. This year should once again prove to be profitable from that perspective.

Andrew arrives Wednesday. I've been asked to judge, which means I'll be beer sampling and evaluating all day Wednesday thru Friday. Yeah, rough, I know. This year we choose 8 beers plus an additional beer in the Pro-Am Competition. The big guns we've pulled out are:
Panama Red
Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter
Black Wolf Schwarzbier
Hoppy Little O
De Wilde Zuidentrein
Organic Woody
Collaborative Evil
and in the pro-am: 12

Wish us luck. See you next week!


Anthony said...

Good luck and slainte.

Todd Ashman said...

All the luck and good wishes that comes every year. 2008 should be a very good year...

Think positive!

Todd Ashman