Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mug Club 1st Exclusive Tapping

Thursday, July 6th at 6pm we will be tapping our 1906 Anniversary Ale for mug club members only. July 2006 is the 100th Anniversary of the building, and the 10th anniversary of Flossmoor Station Restaraunt and Brewpub. To celebrate, Matt and I have made an American Pale Ale that is heavy on the hops, but easy enough to drink and enjoy. Mug club t-shirts and membership cards should be available. Come chat with the brewers and celebrate our 10th birthday together.
It's not too late to join the Mug club but space is limited. Stop in and ask for more information, anyone should be able to point you in the right direction.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Curds and Ale

This past weekend I went to one of the coolest events I have ever been to. CBS put on Curds and Ale, a beer and cheese pairing event that was hosted at Rock Bottom Chicago. There was an incredible amount cheeses that were well worth the $30 entry fee. Even if there were no beers here, it would have been a deal. Check out this list.

America's Brewpub Barley Wine with Gore Dawn Zola, a very intense Gorgonzola style American artisanal cheese.
Blue Cat Tripel, with Brigid’s Abbey Trappist style cheese
Brass Hefeweizen, with Burrata, a fresh mozzarella stuffed with curds and cream
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, with Golden Ridge Blue
Flossmoor Station Pullman Brown, with ColoRouge Camembert
Emmett's Dunkel Lager with Fair Oaks Farms Sweet Swiss
Goose Island (Pub) Maibock with Fair Oaks Farms Triple Cream Butter Käse
Goose Island (Fulton) Matilda, with Haystack, a ripened goat cheese
Goose Island (Fulton) Père Jacques, with Green Hill Sweet Grass Triple Crème
Lindemans Framboise with Redwood Hills Fresh Chèvre
Mickey Finn's Kölsch with Butter Käse
Okocim Polone, a very lightly smoked schwarzbier, with Roth Kase Vintage Van Gogh, a Gouda aged 18 months or more
Onion Doppelbock, with Jasper Hills Bayley Hazen Blue
Prairie Rock Smoked Porter with Fair Oaks Farms aged gouda
Rock Bottom (Warrenville) ESB with Roth Kase Knight’s Vail, a delicate rinded semi-soft cheese
Rock Bottom (Chicago) Hoppy Robust Porter with Lack’s 9-Year Cheddar, a small Wisconsin producer
Rock Bottom (Chicago) Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout with Winchester Farms Boer Kaas, an intense, dry-aged Gouda
Rogue Ales: Chocolate Stout with Rogue Creamery's Chocolate Stout Cheddar, a mature Cheddar infused with Rogue Ale
Rogue Ales: Shakespeare Stout (and/or Black Soba, or Chipotle Ale) with Rogue Creamery's Smokey Blue, a blue cheese that's cold smoked for 16 hours over hazlenut shells
Samuel Smith’s IPA with Neal’s Yard Westcombe Cheddar, a mix of Stilton and Cheddar
Stockholms Dunkelweiss, with Redwood Hills Goat Milk Camembert
Three Floyds Dark Tripel, with St. George, a dry, artisanal aged cows milk cheese
Two Brothers Dog Days Dortmunder, with Canasta Pardo, a sheep cheese with a very delicate dusting of cinnamon

Here are some pictures from the afternoon.

Will Turner corraling his oldest.

Greg Browne patiently listening to someone

Matt trying to decide what cheese comes next

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Next Stop.... Your Mouth Current Tap List 06/06/06

This past Thanksgiving day holiday we spend a week and a half in Germany, visiting with my brother who is currently in Iraq. Rather than come all the way back home to the states, we went around Bavaria and drank some great beers. While in München we rode the street car to our hostel that was across the street from Augusteiner Brewery, we always heard "Nexte Haltestelle" over the speaker of the s-bahn. The name for this summer's Hefe offering is dedicated to that trip.

Nexte Haltestelle (Next Stop) Hefeweizen
Nexte Haltestelle is a pale and hazy german style Hefeweizen that pours with a large and fluffy head. The fruity aroma begins with a whiff of banana and citrus fruits. The body is lighty and a little dry with a fruity middle and a slightly spicy character that may make you think of cloves.

Avante-Garde Biere de Garde (7% abv)
Avante Garde is a deep coppery red that begins with sweet malty aroma. Flavors of dark fruit are balanced against a toasted, bready malt body. This style is tradionally a Northern France/Belgian farmhouse style that was set down to age over the warm months. ("de Garde" means "To guard" or "store" similarly to "lagern" the German version of storing beer.) Avante Garde has a slightly musty cellar character with very little hop presense. But at 7% watch out for a beer that will warm you up a bit if you aren't careful. Look for ours served in a 12oz Goblet for $4.25

Leftorium Flanders Style Sour Brown (5% abv)
A brown ale with shades of red and auburn, Leftorium has been brewed in the style of a Flemish sour brown then laid down in a French Oak white wine barrel to gain added complexity. Notes of sour fruit should dance around on the pallet as you enjoy the slightly malty body, offset by a unique sour and tart finish. Served in a tulip glass for $4.25.

Imperial Dwarf IPA (7% abv)
Since you hop heads can't seem to get enough, we are trying our best to keep an IPA of one kind or another on year round. This is out newest incarnation. As mentioned before, Imperial Dwarf is made with 100% Summit dwarf hops, a new variety from Brewer Supply Group. It's citrusy like many high alpha hops, but Summit tends towards the orange and tangerine spectrum rather than grapefruit like Amarillo does. There are a lot of hops, but plenty of body to balance them out.

Zon Jager Wit Beer
It's spring time damnit! It's time to drink a beer that makes you think about warm weather. Zon Jager is a hazy Belgian-style Wit with a pale orange complextion. It's spiced with lemon and orange peel as well as coriander and secret spices. It finishes clean and refreshing with just a hint of bitterness and clocks in at 5% abv.

Brilliant! Dry Irish Stout
It's that time of year again. When the south siders parade about, when they dye the river green, and when your friends think it's cool to pretend they are Irish. To commerate we are offering Brilliant!, a opaque and creamy stout with a silky mouthfeel. It's served on nitrogen so watch for cascades, and erin go bleargh!