Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday, March 01, 2010

New Stout ON

We have tapped a new stout that you may want to try....

Bourbon McElroy -- Bourbon Imperial Stout (10.5%)

Hi-Fi Rye Wine Bottle Release

We are releasing the bottles of our Hi-Fi Rye Wine on Saturday, March 20th at NOON. Hi-Fi is an 11% ABV beer similar to a barleywine, only most of this beer's grain bill was rye. 58% rye in fact. We added a very minute touch of caraway seed for a little more of the "rye bread" flavor. Hopped to balance the huge malt character with pacific northwest hops, this beer has been aging in stainless for the last three months to allow this beer to mellow and mature. This will be a limited release, so we will have a bottle limit set after the total number of cases are counted. First come, first serve.

Mick Jaggery English IPA Tapping

We will be tapping "Mich Jaggery" English IPA on WEDNESDAY, March 10th. This is an English Style IPA, which means the hop varieties used are not the citrus varieties grown in the US, but they yield floral, earthy, and flavors reminiscent of spices. The malt flavors have a more caramel-like and toasty presence than its American counterpart, to support the increased hop complexity. Since this style was invented to survive the journey from England to India, we have added Jaggery to the recipe. This is an Indian palm sugar which imparts a subtle complexity somewhat similar to light brown sugar. Clocking in at 7.5% with over 40#s of hops.


Thank goodness the hangover that exists between New Year's and March is OVER and the schedule is filling up. Here are some important dates to remember (some will be re-posted to emphasize the importantness of such important dates):

3/2 - Piece Barleywine Party 8pm (We will be featuring something pretty special)
3/6 - Day and Night of the Living Ales, Goose Island, 1-5pm and 5-10pm - 3 Flossmoor casks
3/10 - "Mick Jaggery" English IPA tapping 8pm
3/13 - Goose Island Stout Fest NOON - three Flossmoor brews
3/20 - Hi-Fi Rye Wine Bottle Release NOON
3/27 - B.O.S.S. Chicago Cup Homebrew Competition