Wednesday, June 30, 2010

names in the lead so far

Just a quick update... MoPac started strong, but Magnolia Star has surged ahead in the past day. Is this the name you want?? Maybe, maybe not. VOTE!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Top 10 Malt Liquor Names

After reviewing all of the entries we received for the Malt Liquor Naming Contest (100+!), we have painstakingly trimmed the list to 10. If you see your name congratulations, if not, we probably laughed hysterically because it was so non-politically correct. All the submissions were definitely entertaining. The voting on this will be this week only! Please vote by responding to this post, either by giving the name or the number of your favorite.

Without further ado, here are the finalists in no particular order (with any explanation of name in parenthesis):

1. Sweet Sticky Thing (An Ohio Players Song reference)

2. 26th & Cali (Chicago's main jail)

3. Magnolia Star Malt Liquor (The coach service on the Illinois Central line as opposed to the Panama Limited premier service car)

4. Hobo Gravy

5. Curb Tripper

6. Drunchenschtooper

7. Locomaltive

8. MoPac (the moniker for the Missouri Pacific RR)

9. Bullschlitz

10.Old Flossmoor 800

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Malt Liquor Naming Contest

We are going to stop accepting name suggestions for our malt liquor this Sunday at 11:59:59pm. We have been happily overwhelmed by the number of responses that we have received, and will par the list down to 10. Voting will take place from the beginning of next week (Monday, June 28th) and proceed for a week ending Sunday, July 4th at midnight. You are welcome to vote here at the Station, or on the blog. The winner (provided he/she is 21+) will receive a keggie (3.3 gallons) of the newly named beer on the night of the tapping, and if not already in the Mug Club, will be invited to that night's event also. I can honestly say that I am impressed by the thought and imagination that went into some of the name suggestions -- kudos!

New beer release Wednesday, July 7th

We are appropriately reincarnating a previous IPA here at the Station, Vishnu's Vice. This hugely hopped IPA just missed the most hops we've ever used by a few ounces! Grapefruit and citrus aromas and flavors explode from this 8% brew making this IPA one of a kind. So grab as many beers as you hands can grab and join us Wednesday evening at 8pm.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Malt Liquor Naming Heating Up

The Malt liquor is being made as I type this, and the naming contest is heating up. So far we have 10 up for election which will happen a week before its release! Get the suggestions in and win some free beer!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

No Name beer in need of help

We are looking for suggestions for the next specialty beer! We are making a malt liquor on Friday and think that this beer could inspire a load of great names. We have a few names in the running for top place but the more ideas we get the better the name will be. Winner gets a keggie(3.3gal) of the beer free! Good luck.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get some Rosie Pom at the Station

We have just put on tap our latest sour to come straight from the barrel. Rosie Pom is a deep red American sour aged on pomegranates. Get a snifter today!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Departures: Chicago Craft Beer Week

And with that, the dust has settled and we have put a bow on the whirlwind that was the First Chicago Craft Beer Week!

If you joined us, you know what a wild and crazy ride it was. With Flossmoor participating in several events, a few new beer debuts, and plenty of fun it certainly was a great if not labor intensive week.

Whether you stopped out and tried the ".357" Imperial Pilsner at Beer Mapping and HopCast's Rare Beer Event, indulged in Chef Eduardo's culinary art at our Beer-B-Que Beer Dinner, enjoyed a great day out at the Illiana Mayfest in Crown Point (And man, what a great turnout for a first year festival), or even just stopped in at the brewpub to try the new Slump Buster Mild or the 1492 IPA, we're happy to have had you as our guest or out supporting Flossmoor.

But, we certainly aren't going to rest now. We just tapped the new Diesel Rellik IPA last week and we're already working on new beers on the horizon, some visits from some old friends on tap, and more events out and around town with the Chicago Beer Hoptacular this weekend at the Aragon Ballroom hosting some of our beers. Keep following the blog and twitter so you know what's getting tapped and what events and releases are going down.



Beer-B-Que Dinner Menu

First Course - Applewood Smoked Bacon Wrapped Fiery Shrimp on Asian Slaw

.357 Imperial Pils sees tap time at The Beer Mapping / HopCast Rare Beer Night at Smallbar Fullerton

Weapons of choice at the first Illiana MayFest in Crown Point, Indiana

More action with Bryan and Arnie manning the taps

Richard works his magic pouring some "Rosie Pom", the newest treat from the barrel room. Get one soon!

Beer rumors at the Station

There have been rumors (all true) that there is going to be a beer reincarnation. A beer named after a Hindu deity will be making an appearance here at the Station in a month or two.