Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Tap List 08/09/08

Hoppy Little "O" (6.5% a.b.v.)
Just like last time, except a little easier drinking. A beautiful marriage between a hoppy American IPA and a belgian ale. And made with organic malt of course.

Ahtanumous IPA (7.0% a.b.v.) [almost gone!]
Ahtanum hops + self awareness = AHTANUMOUS
Put enough of something together and sometimes something special happens with intelligence. We added loads of Ahtanum hops to this beer and the beer became self aware. It wants you to love it.

Replicale Belgian Pale Ale (5.7% a.b.v.)
13 Lucky Brewers- One Similar Recipe - 13 Different Beers
American Belgian Pale Ale. A moderate-strength golden ale with a fruity American hop nose, a spicy and fruity "Belgian" complexity with a slightly sweet character and a dry finish. Ingredients graciously donated by The Mid Country Malt Group and White Labs Pure Brewers Yeast.

Guest Tap: Three Floyd's Gorch Fock Helles
Guest Stout: O'hara's Irish Stout

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