Saturday, July 19, 2008

TimeOut Chicago Blog says we have Hoppy Beer

We were at the Green City Market Chef's Summer BBQ on Thursday. It was totally awesome just like last year.

It was time for a drink. Death’s Door Spirits mixed up a refreshing Ramos Gin Fizz—based on the recipe from Sepia’s Peter Vestinos—but the ladies huddling around the station were looking for something a little lighter. “Gin makes me crazy,” they said in unison. Drinking light was not, however, the general mood. When I walked up to see what North Shore Distillery was pouring, the woman behind the table was shooing away a pair of older men, commenting “It’s a tasting, sir. You’ve already been up here multiple times.” I veered for the sparkling rosé from August Hill Winery—located in Utica, IL. “It goes great with pizza,” the server told us. After a delicious smoky porter from Piece and one seriously hoppy IPA from Flossmoor Brewery, I had to pull myself away from booze central.

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