Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tap List 7/15/08

Lady Columbia IPA (7.5% a.b.v.)
Chock full of Columbus hops, Lady Columbia delivers the IPA goods. Celebrate America's independence with this special lady.

12 (9.0% a.b.v.)
This Belgian Golden Strong ale is a recipe developed by Brian Richards of MI who won the B.O.S.S. homebrew competition and was able to brew his beer here. His beer was named Biere Bella after his daughter, and we are using it for our anniversary beer. It begins with a fruity aroma from the unique Belgian yeast. The medium-bodied maltiness is balanced with a slight spicy flavor and a hint of ripe fruits or honey in the background. The finish is clean and dry. There is a bit of alcohol warmth at the end, but please use caution as it is pretty smooth and drinkable. $4.50/snifter

Vishnu's Vice IPA (7.7% a.b.v.) [almost gone]
Nobody can pass up a good IPA, even the great Preserver.This orange/gold ale gives off a pungent floral, grassy, citrus-like, aroma that invites you to take a sip.The blast of four American hops (Amarillo, Summit, Centennial, and Simcoe) is balanced by the full-bodied sweetness of the malt and the higher than normal alcohol.

Leftorium (5.1% a.b.v.)
A brown ale with shades of red and auburn, Leftorium has been brewed in the style of a Flemish sour brown. Notes of sour fruit should dance around on the pallet as you enjoy the slightly malty body, offset by a unique sour and tart finish.

Hattentot Hefeweizen (5.1% a.b.v.)
Hattentot is a pale and hazy yellowish beer with a large fluffy head.The fruity aroma begins with a whiff of banana and citrus fruits. The body is medium with a fruity middle and a slightly spicy character reminiscent of cloves. It finishes clean and is very thirst quenching.

Milky Way Stout (4.1% a.b.v.)
A sweet stout made with lactose that stays behind in the beer because yeast can't ferment it. Creamy with lots of caramel and stouty flavors. And at only 4.1% it's an easy drinker.

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