Sunday, July 27, 2008

MY little princess on our 1st "Non-Beer Blog of the Day"

Ok folks, not about beer tonight, but I certainly couldn't pass up the opportunity to brag about my princess. This would be my first installment of "Non-beer Blog of the Day".
My friend Todd who I mentioned in a previous post who is an outstanding child photographer (well any kind of photographs, really) used my daughter, Ella in a photo shoot. This time two little girls are all "princessed up" and dreaming of becoming a real princess as they stare into a window with beautiful dresses. The surprise comes when a real life princess appears.
Here is the video with music (Ella has the straight hair):

and here is some other pictures on his blog:

If you sign up for Todd's newsletter, you can get great photo tips to help you do tons of things like clean up all those fuzzy pictures that your wife yells at you for taking (or is that just me?)
Anyhow, thanks Todd. The rest of you check out his stuff-it is awesome.

Curds and Ale fest photos coming soon I think? And we've postponed our brewmasters dinner until late August. Formal announcement coming.

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