Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Job Offer

I got a call yesterday from MillerCoors. I'm not joking. They claimed that they got my phone number from "networking" but it was loud in the pub when I picked up the phone and I had a hard time hearing her. I was also in the middle of a transfer and filling a keg so I wasn't very patient. The woman on the phone asked, "Are you or anyone you know interested in job opportunities with MillerCoors?" I very nearly laughed and I certainly didn't take her seriously, but now I regret that I didn't hear her out. I don't want a job with MillerCoors in any aspect of their business but I wonder if they were offering brewing gigs or sales or what. Maybe they'll call back. Until then, watch out fellow brewers, they're coming for you!

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Mark McD said...

Who knows? Maybe they needed some locals with "industry" experience to front the new Chicago office. Glad you've turned away from the Lite Side.