Thursday, July 03, 2008

The answer is yes, I do drink wine.

Today has no real connection to beer or a brewery, but I have referenced the wedding I went to on my latest trip east (the actual purpose of the trip). The wedding was at Valhalla Winery located up on a hill overlooking Roanoke VA. Breathtaking really. All I could think about while there was, "wouldn't this be a great place to own a brewery!."

The wedding was great, the couple lovely, the wine superb, but the best part was the band that played at this small wedding. The bride is from a little more, shall we say, the backwoods country. As her mom, the lead singer put it, "We're not professionals, we just like to sit on the porch and have a pick." The band was made up of Mom on guitar, brother on upright bass, uncle on banjo, neighbor on mandolin, and neighbor's wife doing a little backup singing. What a great little bluegrass band! But the best part was little Carson. He is the reigning fiddle champion for 17 and under in Mt Aiyre North Carolina (I think)........

Oh yeah, he's four!!

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