Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tap List 01/28/09

Recession Ale (3.0% a.b.v.)
Our beautiful rendition of an American Mild. Delicious citrus and grassy nose out of a golden and hazy straw colored body. Recession Ale has a light mouthfeel but is probably the most flavorful beer you will ever have at only 3% a.b.v. The Chinook, Amarillo, and Cascade hops assert themselves but help you forget the economy is in the toilet. SPECIAL PRICING! $2/12oz $3/16oz $4/20oz

Obama-Brau (5.0% a.b.v.)
This smooth and drinkable brown ale has soft toasty malt character topped off with a balanced dollop of pure American hops. Thanks for voting. Let’s have a beer!

Celebration IPA (7.1% a.b.v.)
Let's Celebrate a New (and improved) year in 2009! Our reddish IPA is crafted with three American hops (Chinook, Amarillo and Cascade) and are balanced by the medium-bodied sweetness of the malt and the alcohol. The bold citrus and pine type flavors linger on your palate and blend magically with the caramel malt flavor.

Munich Winterbock (6.5% a.b.v.)
This started as a Munich Style Dunkel which is a dark malty lager made in the Munich style, and then it fermented lower, dryer, and made a stronger beer than we anticipated. Plus it’s winter.
Munich Winterbock is an amber/copper/brown colored lager made with lots of munich malt for a bready malt flavor. The nose hints at a touch of roast malt used with little to no hop aroma. The flavor is predominately malt but not sweet. This beer has a clean and crisp finish that makes you want to drink some more.

Guest Tap: Anchor Old Foghorn
Guest Stout:Boulder Brewing Co.'s Obovoid oak aged Imperial Stout

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