Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Digs

Some people have pointed out that my post re: the change of venues for me never did mention the brewery I will be headed to. In the event you haven't heard, it is Oakshire Brewing in Eugene, Oregon. They are a small and growing production brewery that began in late 2006. Oakshire specializes in locally produced craft ales, with a nod to sustainability and organics. Big things are happening at the 'Shire. stay tuned.
And fear not, we are laying down the groundwork for a seamless departure and transition here at FSBC.



Mark McD said...

Matt, if they are bottling or canning, can we start now to try and get an Illinois distributor interested in carrying their wares?


Unknown said...

Well, it is currently draft only. AND, I have a feeling that there will be enough customers in the PNW that sending across the Rockies won't be necessary. Sorry. I guess until Deschutes, Full Sail, and Widmer are fully available in Chicago you won't see us any time soon. Never say never though.

antsaint said...

Greetings from Eugene! As a friend of the Althouses and a big OakShire beer fan, looking forward to welcoming you to "Brewgene".