Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama Brau can not be bottled.

So this was approved by the local committee to be given and sold to the local Inaugural Ball to be held here in Chicago next Tuesday. Sadly, it appears that Obama endorsed this and therefore is not allowed on the front of our bottles. But, dont be sad if you are headed to McCormick next Tues or just coming down here to watch the historic day in our pub. You will find something of the sort on draft. On behalf of the TTB and Flossmoor Station...sorry!

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larry said...

So you were disallowed? Just like Obamagang. I really don't think the TTB can stop you from making labels on beers you give away. Legally yes, practically, no.

On the other hand, having TTB reject Obamagang has made so much more news than approving it would have. Go figure. They also denied Inauguration Ale, after telling us to submit it under that name. Talk about the audacity of bureacracy! I'm not even close to being a conservative, but this kind of governmental regulation is out of hand. It's totally arbitrary, and the rules are what they say they are on any given day.

Other than that, have fun today.