Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tap List 10/29/08

Big Black Pumpkin (8.0% a.b.v.)
Made with 100lbs real pumpkin, 20# cocoa nibs, and pumpkin pie spices (ginger, allspice, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon). Nice and spicy in the nose, full bodied porter, with a smooth chocolate finish.

The Curse IPA (7.3% a.b.v.)
Matt's beloved Cubs proved their worth again this year. Let's drink to forget with a big American IPA made with Columbus, Simcoe, Cluster, and Cascade hops.

Collaborative Evil (10% a.b.v.)

Hoppy Little "O" (6.5% a.b.v.) [Almost Gone]
Just like last time, except a little easier drinking. A beautiful marriage between a hoppy American IPA and a belgian ale. And made with organic malt of course.

Guest Tap: Surly's Coffee Bender
Guest Stout: O'hara's Irish Stout Founders' Breakfast Stout


Craig said...

I've only been to Flossmoor a few times. Are you filling growlers of Big Black Pumpkin? I'd drive from Michigan for it.

brewer a said...

Yes we will.

Mark McD said...

Hey, Matt & Andy,
I managed to slip over to the Station Saturday before closing and get a mouthful of the Black Pumpkin juice. WEIRD, man! Like a South American chocolate cordial with some of the spices they used to put in cocoa drinks before Hershey bars were invented. So glad I managed to get out for this one. (Also took home a bottle of "Curse" for later!

Mark McDermott

milwaukeeclassic said...

I think the Big Black Pumpkin turned out really good. Well done!