Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tap List 8/7/07

Rot Geist (6% a.b.v.)
We set out to create a deliciously hoppy American wheat beer that wasn't as burly as our normal I.P.A.s but still satiated the hophead inside of us. What came out was Rot Geist (Red Ghost) American Red Wheat. It's a reddish hued American Wheat made with Summit, Centennial, and Amarillo hops with an additional dry hopping of 1lb/bbl Amarillo for aroma.

(7.5% abv)
Our doubly delicious double I.P.A. made with 100% Amarillo hops. Dry hopped at a generous pound/bbl, X-IPA is a citrus bomb that will send you to grapefruit heaven.

Black Moon Rye-sin
(5.5% abv)
An American Stout with the addition of Rye. Roasty and chocolaty aroma with a slightly hoppy background. It's a full bodied stout that has coffee and roast flavors in all the right places with a lingering bitter finish from the hops.

(4.5% abv)
No Cicadas were harmed in the making of this beer, but we did have to fight them off while brewing this. Crisp, light, citrusy, and very refreshing. Except for pulling cicadas out of your lady's hair, nothing says summer like a Hefeweizen.

Replicale Red (5.5% abv)
This year's Illinois Craft Brewer's Guild replicale project, where all participating breweries make the same beer, using the same recipe, same ingredients, and all end up tasting different. This year's beer is a west coast amber ale that is hoppy and crisp but well balanced against caramel malts to create a very quaffable reddish pale ale.


Jonathan said...

Are you guys happy with the results you got from the Amarillos? We've been wanting to experiment with them...

brewer a said...

We use Amarillos all the time. In fact we usually contract a large portion every year because the demand is so high.