Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Special Visitors

This past Sunday, on their way back to Warren, Michigan we had Eric and Brett Kuhnhenn, Erin Goryl, (all from Kuhnhenn Brewery) and Dan Rogers from Big Rock Chop House stop by.

(From Left to Right: Dan, Bret, Eric, and Erin)

I thought that driving back to Flossmoor from Madison after a liver punishing weekend was a pain, I can only imagine what making your way all the way back to north of Detroit is like. But they said that after Flossmoor they made a stop at Dark Horse for dinner. That would make things a bit nicer.

And since there are almost never any photos of me on this thing, here is the picture that Erin took of us.

Don't I look excited! In my defense, it was Sunday after Madison and the surprise visit was a respite from cleaning up from the fest. We are always happy when other brewers come by.

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