Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Knowledge Dump

Here is some catch up.

Schwarz is on. I think it's tasting good, we'll see what the judges have to say about it in Denver.

Our batch 500 beer is busily fermenting away. -More details will follow when we feel that you can handle it.

Today we made the beer for my wedding. It's going to be a Belgiany style wit with corriander and blood orange. Here is a picture of me adding some of the corriander to the kettle. The wedding is on the 6th of October, so look for Meg's Bride-ale shortly after that.

Still in the pipes is Oktoberfest, which is lagering in our cellar. Expect that out mid Septemberish along with some kind of Oktoberfest party to happen at Flossmoor. Matt's lederhosen are being tailored as we speak.

Flossmoor Fest is coming September 8th, and we will be pouring beers outside.

And most importantly (aside from the wedding) is that I just found out that I will be attending the Siebel Institute of Technology Concise Course in Brewing Technology this fall. I have no formal brewing education apart from reading a lot of books so this will be a rewarding experience that can only make me a better brewer.


Anonymous said...


Stan Hieronymus said...

I have no formal brewing education

Now you tell us ;>)

Jonathan said...

Congrats on 2 counts... the wedding and the education! You'll have to keep us updated on both. Did you add the oranges to the boil or during fermentation?

brewer a said...

Fermenter, but we may dose the bright tank some too. Depends on how it turns out.

Colleen Ferran said...

Hi- I was wondering how I could obtain the Women's Floral Lederhosen that you have pictured here. They are gorgeous. Thanks in advance for any info you can give ;)

AssistantB said...

The lederhosen was posted by the previous brewer's so we don't have any info on those.