Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Taste 07 recap

Damn, it was hot and humid. Easily the hottest year in recent memory. Anyway, here's what we did over the weekend.

Friday Night

Started at Capitol for a dinner by the Museum of Beer and Brewing honoring Charlie Papazian with the Karl Strauss Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Beer & Brewing Industry. If you don't know who Charlie Papazian is, just do a simple google search. He's been talked about a lot because he's done a lot.

Unfortunately however, Capitol double booked the room we were supposed to eat in and instead we ate in their warehouse. It had to be at least 97 degrees in their which made dinner a bit less pleasant. But the beer was cold and we did our best to stay cool. After dinner we got to look around the brewery, which I had never seen.

(The biggest Hoff-Stevens Keg ever!)

(Kirby, Capitol's Brewmaster)

(Matt Drinking Autumnal Fire off the Lagering tank)

We headed over to the new Great Dane in Hilldale after that and saw a lot of familiar faces. By that time I had drank plenty and I didn't bring my camera. Matt pried us away from the new Dane and we went to Maduro, a cigar bar near the capitol that was serving all Bell's beers. But I don't think I even finished half a beer. By that point I was done in.


We poured through a lot of beer and everyone seemed to have nice things to say. Highlights for me were from The Livery in Benton Harbor, who not only had great beers but are great people. And also New Albanian in New Albany, Indiana. They had a rauch-schwarz beer that was aged in a port barrel and I bought my new favorite t-shirt from them. I'll try to get a picture of it up on here soon.

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