Friday, June 01, 2007

Session #4 Local Beer

So where did session #2 and #3 go? I'm not sure either. Here are the rules for session #4

From Gastronomic Fight Club:

You can pick anything commercially made within 150 miles of your house, but try to pick the brewery or brewpub closest to your house (NOTE: the average American lives within 10 miles of a craft brewery).

You can select any beer or even a sampler if you want.

If you select a single beer, let us know why you choose this beer (e.g. favorite, seasonal, limited edition, best seller).

Preferably you'll shy away from beers with wide distribution outside your immediate area.

So if I played strictly by the rules, I would pick Piece because it's only a few blue line stops from my house. But Piece just got another write up in the Trib, and they sell beer like gangbusters. Rumor is that they are expanding, which is very good news, because they push that system to the max. So the point is that Piece doesn't need anymore press.

The closest brewpub to Matt's house according to appears to be the new Rock Bottom in Orland Park. Their head brewer is Iain Wilson whom I recently met at our Illinois Craft Brewer's Guild Meeting. Iain is from the Scottish/English school of brewing so expect to have some more seasonable beers, ones that you can drink more than one of without falling over. Orland is still getting off the ground, so if you haven't been out to check it out yet do. Tell them the boys from Flossmoor sent you.

If Orland Park isn't your local brewpub, go to and find out where all of the breweries, brewpubs, better beer bars, beer stores, and homebrew shops are near you.

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Anthony said...

Thank you for introducing me to! I was wondering where the nearest brew shops to me were!