Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Beers to Come

Saturday the 16th we are having a mug club tapping to debut this years first batch of Hefeweizen. It's tasting really good, if I do say so myself, and it isn't even carbonated yet. For those of you mugclubbers out there the breakfast tapping is tentatively going to feature German Weißwurst.

I really love Weißwurst and I was first introduced to it in Germany, on the German-Austrian border in a town called Burghausen. You eat it with a sweet mustard called Süßersenf, and suck the meat out of the casing instead of eating it.

Burghausen is an amazingly picturesque city with a river, a castle, and mountains. It also has/had one of the best chinese food restaurants I have ever been in.

So hefeweizen and Weißwurst should be a good time.

Also coming is an American Rye Stout.

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American rye stout

5.5%, dark and stouty, but hoppily bitter and dry hopped. Should be coming on towards the last 1/3 of June. about. ish.

Schwarzbier will make another appearance to defend it's title of best Schwarz in the U.S. at GABF this fall.

A rotweizen is in the planning stages. And it won't be a traditional german style red wheat. It's going to be American hoppy. Think red Gumballhead.

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Anonymous said...

Red gumballhead? Mmmmmm! You guys plan to brew Hoppy Little Gnome anymore? Had a glass Friday evening. Awesome brew!!!!!