Monday, June 04, 2007

Hit the Road

Have you ever wanted to take a road trip? No, I don't mean to just drive up to Milwaukee to grab some cheese or to grab a Brat and a beer at the famed Brat Stop. I mean really go. Like across the country? Search for beer and good people? Unfortunately, I can say that my only spontaneous road trip was the last minute trip from Iowa City to Champaign to watch the Hawkeyes trounce the Illini when I was 18. Ah..sleeping on some fraternity floor-now that's livin'! you see, I'm a pretty calculated person. I like to look before I leap.

So, where is this going, you ask? Well, Teri Fahrendorf, brewing industry veteran, brewer, colleague and friend of mine left her job as brewmaster at Steelhead Brewing in Oregon and is heading East. During her trip she'll see old friends, make new friends, and visit family. Also on her agenda is guest brewing at any place that will have her. You see , she brought her boots. She'll be here around mid July. Check out her route on her blog at

I'm jealous!


Anonymous said...

Speaking of road trips, you got mentioned in an AP story on beer travelers:
Yahoo link

Anonymous said...

It would be cool if you guys brought your brews to the Racine Brew Fest in September but please leave the Cicadas in Flosmoor.