Friday, January 04, 2008

Field Trip to The Livery

The wife and I decided that we didn't want to do the normal stuff for New Year's Eve this year so instead we took off to Benton Harbor, Michigan to check out the Livery.

The Livery is a very cool brewpub located in an old horse livery. It has three stories and an old freight elevator in the middle of it that they used to move horses and other heavy things between the former stables (basement level with bar), Main level (bar and music stage), and top level (more music viewing area.) When we showed up, Mikey, their outstanding bartender, directed us to say hi to Steve before he took off for the evening. The brewhouse is separate from the bar and cafe, which from a brewer's perspective is very nice. Very loud music greeted us at the door and Steve showed us around while he was cooling in the day's batch.

Kettle and Hot Liquor Tank

Mash Tun


Tax Determination Tanks

Modified Fermenters

Carbonating Kegs

They had their regular open mike night bands play all night which was an eclectic mix of rock, bluegrass, and blues. We had good beers and a good time despite the crazy amounts of snowfall. Definitely check out the Livery if you find yourself in Southwestern Michigan.

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