Monday, January 21, 2008

Another Insanely Cold Brewpub Shoot Out

Next year I'm going to make a bet with someone that the coldest, nastiest, worst possible day to leave your house all year, is whatever day the CBS brewpub shootout is being held. It seems to never fail that a crushingly cold January day also falls on shootout day. This year was no exception. I think I heard that we had -30 degree wind chills but it's hard to hear when frostbite claims your important extremities like earlobes.

But on the plus side, we won 1st place for beer with Kind Ale IPA. Last year we tied Three Floyds for second, but this year seem to have bested them, despite the fact that they brought their collaboratively brewed beer with Mikkeller "Hvedegoop" (Wheat goop.) It was a big tasty wheat wine that I think should be available soon.

We didn't win anything with our food or our pairing, which kind of sucks, because we had these great little carnitas sandwiches. But Floyds had brisket made on their new Ole Hickory smoker and it didn't win either. Matt and I got to check our their smoker when we were over there recently. I got a little boner from looking at it. But BBQ just kind of does that to me.

Check out the CBS recap for full winner details.

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Anonymous said...

Judging and verdict was very KIND and deserving for your first place.
Great job boys....J.C.