Thursday, April 06, 2006

What's coming up next?

Hey, who's this Brewer M guy? I thought Andrew did all the updates on this blog. Well, he does, but today's your lucky day. I carved out 6 minutes of free time!

Did you ever walk in to a pub, sit down to enjoy the two latest seasonal brews, just to ponder the ever-lingering question: "I wonder what is coming up next?" Yeah, me too. What ever happened to enjoying the current sweat from a brewer's brow-eww gross, is that what they put in it to make it so bitter?-No that's love pal. Enjoy it!
Anyway, if you've just got to know what we've got up our sleeve for July, put this blog in your favorites list and check it often. Andrew does an awsome job of keeping you all informed. If he's behind, I'll be sure to dock hs pay. and if you've got a sugestion for an upcoming beer, stop in and let me know. I may not listen, but I will be sure to nod my head willingly! :)

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