Thursday, April 27, 2006

Special Treatment at Elliot Bay

One of the best days I had in Seattle was after the conference was over. Sure, winning two World Beer Cup medals is great, but hanging out with two Danes, and a Seattle brewer or two is pretty awesome too. Let me clarify. A week or so before we left for the Craft Brewer's Conference, Doug Hindman, the head brewer at Elliot Bay in West Seattle, was in the Chicago land area visiting some friends. He made the trek all the way down from Woodstock, Il, to downtown, to hop on the electric line (the way I get to work every day) just to see us. Needless to say anyone who comes all the way from Seattle, then comes down from far enough north to practically be Wisconsin, deserves some hospitality. We shared some beers and pulled a few special bottles out of the secret cellar and had a good time while Matt and I were cleaning up the brew from that day. Doug gave us his card and we gave him and his wife one for the train ride back.

Seattle came around and I promptly forgot about Doug's invitation, because frankly, I'm an ass.

At the awards dinner, Doug ended up sitting at the table across from us and he invited us out to West Seattle again. Matt was flying out early Saturday morning so he wasn't going to be able to go, but my girlfriend had just arrived that afternoon and we had no plans for the weekend. Doug let us know that two Danish guys, who are really into American Craft Beer were coming out too, so I was excited to BS with some foreign brewers.

Once we figured out the bus that took us out to West Seattle we were on our way. As I mentioned before this trip was my first time to Seattle, and as it turns out West Seattle is a very cool neighborhood.

Doug handed us beers and introduces us to Anders and Michael from Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen. They were very cool guys and I was glad to have met them. Anders brewed at Carlsberg for years and left to open Copenhagen's best brewpub. The two of them convinced me that Denmark needs to be my next overseas destination.

Doug gave us a tour of the facilities and showed us their new brewhouse. We also got to check out his basement. He and his owner had some good stories to tell us. Then it was time for food!

Elliot Bay has some really really good appetizers. I ate nearly an entire plate of Brie and roasted garlic. While we were noshing, Wesley from Elysian showed up. He is another rad dude that I was glad to have met. Seattle seems to be full of awesome people.

All in all it was an incredible day and I thank Doug and his owner Tony for a day I won't soon forget.

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