Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friday 4/28/06 *Barrel Aged Beers on Tap*

So, it sounds like there is something big going down at Three Floyds Brewing Co. this weekend(something about a Dark Lord yada yada). If you are in town for that, or in town for anything, drop on by. It just so happens that we check the progress on some of our barrel aged beers every last weekend of April. The best way to do it is to siphon some out, chill and carbonate. Wanna' share some? We'll have Ella's Reserve, a Belgian golden strong, aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel and Ol' Sheol (Wooden Hell), our Barleywine brewed last fall, also aged in a Woodford Reserve barrel.
We'll only have a 1/4 barrel of each, tapped friday, $5/snifter, poured 'til it's gone.

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Mark McD said...

Hmmm. What time will these li'l boys be tapped? I need to figure the best time to get out of the house and say hi to all the out-of-towners who'll be enjoying yr brews Friday.