Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Field trip to Indiana

Recently, all of our tanks were spotless, all the kegs were clean, the beer was brewed, and not one single thing was left to do at work, so Matt and I took a field trip to Three Floyds, our neighboors to the east.

I drank the hell out of their Moloko Plus milk stout that's on right now. Matt enjoyed some Berlinner Weiss, flavored with blueberry syrup. I demolished a Muffuletta sandwich that was Muff*%$!@ delish. I can't remember what Matt ate but Trent doesn't make any bad food.

As we were eating, Trent brought out their new "Southbeach" brownie concoction that involved brownies, ice cream, milk stout, and other good things. Guaranteed to help you shed those winter pounds.

If you haven't been to the pub yet, I don't know what the hell you are waiting on, and if you are going to Floyds, there isn't any reason not to swing by Flossmoor on your way there or the way back.

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