Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dwarf Hops

So we just brewed an IPA with Brewer Supply Group's new dwarf hop variety "Summit."

[Appropriately named, a new hop variety called “Summit” was recently released by Brewer Supply Group. The hop boosts alpha acid values between 17-19%. A new concept to the U.S. hop industry, Summit is a dwarf variety grown using a low-trellis system. Because dwarf hops are picked gently in the field, as opposed to their taller cousins which must be cut and transported, dwarf varieties are of the highest quality.

Recent trials have discovered strong orange and tangerine citrus notes in its flavor. Ideally suited for brewing American style IPA’s and Double IPA, Summit is an excellent bittering hop. Cohumulone levels are low at 25-28% of alpha.]

Once X-IPA runs out, and this is ready, it will be on. Look out for the biggest, shortest beer you've ever had.

3/16/06 update

Get excited, it smells like a Florida country market in the brewhouse right now.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mmm this one sounds hoplicious.
Although I thought I saw those dwarfs ,you know
from the Wizard of Oz drinking this brew-and just look at the party they had...Cheers to Matt-
the brew wizard.