Monday, April 12, 2010

PRE-Dark Lord Day April 23rd

There is only enough time to take a few relaxing breaths before the next big thing is here! We will be holding a party on Friday, April 23rd, NOON in celebration of our .357 Imperial Pilsner. The events will take place on the outside deck/patio near the caboose. We will begin bottle sales for this at NOON with a 6 bottle maximum. The price of the 22oz, wax topped, 12% goodness is $13 tax included. For this day only, special beers with special prices will be pouring from a draft box.

For all the out-of town guests who are (hopefully) bringing in coastal beers or other rare offerings for trade, we will be hosting a Trading Area immediately in the fenced in area around the caboose. Please be respectful of the unique opportunity and limit such trading activity to this area.

We also have the pleasure of hosting the Nic Jones All-Stars at 6pm for live music.

Can't wait to see all of you there!


Unknown said...

Does the dedicated trading area mean there will no extracurricular beer sampling allowed?

I look forward to the 23rd either way!

Bjorn Johnson said...

Tasting is also allowed in the area provided that it remain in this area. So I guess it should be called the Extracurricular Trading/Tasting Area.

cranium said...

I won't be able to make it out until the 6pm range, do you think there is enough of this beer to go around - in terms of picking up a few bottles at that time? Is it as limited, in bottle form, as Hi-Fi Rye?

Anonymous said...