Thursday, April 01, 2010

Craft Brewers Conference Tap List at Flossmoor

For the week of April 5th through April 10th, we will be featuring a select tap line dedicated to beers saved for just such an occasion. You absolutely can not miss some of these beers, as this will be the last time you will ever see them again! (ok a little dramatic, but you get the point) There will be only one style a day, with the exception of Saturday. Here are the beers:

MONDAY - The Turk (Belgian Saison)
TUESDAY - Barrel-aged 12 (Belgian Golden Strong, lightly soured)
WEDNESDAY - Darker Matter (Coffee Imperial Stout)
THURSDAY - Bourbon McElroy (Bourbon Imperial Stout)
FRIDAY - Pullman's Reserve (Bourbon barrel-aged Brown Porter)
SATURDAY - Killer Wood (Bourbon barrel-aged Baltic Porter)
Anno Unum (American Sour)

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Unknown said...

Congrats on the WBC bronze in category 16. I knew from that first taste, your Pullmans Reserve was unreal!