Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tap List 9/26/06

Terry's Fest Bier (Octoberfest) (6.5%abv)

Terry Richardson, our recently departed fellow brewer from Gov'nrs Pub is the namesake for this year's batch of Octoberfest. Malty, a little bready, and a touch of noble German hops on the nose make for a very drinkable fall fixture. Raise your glass in Terry's name and drink to a great man.

Black Wolf Schwarz (5.5% abv)

Named after Jim Wolfer from Prairie Rock who let us borrow his lager yeast, Black Wolf is brewed in the style of a German Black Lager or Schwarzbier (black beer). It has a small amount of dark and roasted malts added to the grain bill to give it a distinct, yet not overpowering roasty aroma and taste. At 5.5% it is easy drinking and has a pleasant crisp lager finish. Try this black beer and be surprised by a different kind of one of those "dark beers."

Imperial Mocha Java Stout (9.3% abv)

Summer is the perfect time for a huge stout that warms you up from the inside out. Well maybe not, but we have one anyway. Our Imperial Stout is loaded with dark roast espresso beans from The Great American Coffee Co. in Bourbonnais Il. We used bittersweet chocolate in the boil to add a certain creaminess, and loaded it up with alcohol. Because of the small batch size, and the fact that we will be barrel ageing a good portion of this brew, we will only be serving it in sinfters for $5 a glass.

Vishnu's Vice I.P.A. (8% a.b.v.)[Almost Gon]

It's been weeks since we had an I.P.A. on tap! Matt and I are both very sorry,...we swear. As penance, allow us to offer Vishnu's Vice. It's so good that not even The Great Preserver can resist. If he could drink four at a time he probably would. This I.P.A. is big at 8% a.b.v. and has enough body to stand up to the generous amounts of Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, and Summit hops. Enjoy it with a sample of our Anniversary Pale Ale and compare the different hops.

1906 Anniversary Ale (American Pale Ale)

July 2006 is the 100th Anniversary of the building, and the 10th anniversary of Flossmoor Station Restaraunt and Brewpub. To celebrate, Matt and I have made an American Pale Ale that is heavy on the hops, but easy enough to drink and enjoy. 1906 is made with 5 different American hops, Cascade, Centennial, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Summit dwarf hops. Enjoy our celebration of 10 years with a pint of 1906!

Avante-Garde Biere de Garde (7% abv)

Avante Garde is a deep coppery red that begins with sweet malty aroma. Flavors of dark fruit are balanced against a toasted, bready malt body. This style is tradionally a Northern France/Belgian farmhouse style that was set down to age over the warm months. ("de Garde" means "To guard" or "store" similarly to "lagern" the German version of storing beer.) Avante Garde has a slightly musty cellar character with very little hop presense. But at 7% watch out for a beer that will warm you up a bit if you aren't careful. Look for ours served in a 12oz Goblet for $4.25

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