Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Great Taste of the Midwest Madison

Hope you have your tickets..... Here is a preview of what we will be bringing this year.

Vishnu's Vice I.P.A.
Our big 8% I.P.A. with Amarillo, Simcoe, Cascade, and Summit hops.

Avante Garde Biere de Garde
7% Abv, Spicy, Belgiany, biere de gardey.

Pullman Brown
You know it, you love it, it won a Gold at the world beer cup this year.

Ol' Woody Barrel Aged I.P.A
Ol' Woody is X-I.P.A. aged in a Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrel and then dry hopped with Amarillo hops.

Wooden Hell
Wooden Hell is what you get when you barrel age our Barleywine, Sheol. It's good.

TrainWreck of Flavor
Todd Ashman used to make this here once upon a time. 50% Sheol, 50% Pullman, 100% barrel aged.

Ella's Reserve
Our GABF winning Belgian Golden Strong that sat itself down in a bourbon barrel to mellow and get some added character.

Hope you have a good time, because I know we will. Pictures will follow next week.

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Mark McD said...

I couldn't go because as with everthing else this year, we thought we'd be moving by this time. But we're not. Hope you still some of those special wooden kegs when you get back!