Monday, May 14, 2012

Bronze IPL

Just wanted to acknowledge our recent accolade at the World Beer Cup that was held in San Diego at the beginning of the month, we were honored with a Bronze Medal in the English IPA category for our Intercontinental Pale Lager!

We still have it on tap, but just for a short minute further, so please come on down and try it!


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Greig McGill said...

Hi Nick, I just tried to submit the following using the form on your website, but it dies on submission. :)

I just wanted to write and say thanks for the fantastic hospitality when my wife Alexandra and I visited on May 8th. We really enjoyed the great beers and conversations, and it was a privilege to meet Nick and sample some of his creations straight from the fermenter.

If any of you are ever in New Zealand, please look us up.

Once Brewaucracy starts bottling, I will ship some beer over for Nick to taste.


Greig McGill
Head Brewer, Brewaucracy Ltd.
New Zealand