Friday, January 20, 2012

Wallonian Saison

We'll be finally getting into our Wallonian Saison this coming Monday, the 23rd. For those anxious mug clubbers who are ever so desirous for a free pint, we'll be holding a tapping party in the Pub Room from 5-6pm. Tapping at the bar will be at 5pm as well

The term "Wallonian" refers to a region of Belgium, which I suppose has some governing forces on the style, but mostly it's just fun to say. We threw a pound of ginger root into the last moment of the boil to give the brew just a light kick of ginger spice. It finished out nice and light in color (a contrast to the weather and stouts that reign this time of year) and came out to about 9.4%abv, with a very light hopping giving way to a slightly sweet finish.


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