Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bottles, Barrels, and Horses (?)

We are happy to announce a few things going on in the near future and hope to see you there..........

* The next tapping will be held Wednesday, February 9th at 8pm in the pub and restaurant. We are tapping the Dark Matter Imperial Stout, which has finished up nicely at a winter warming 8.1%.

* We are pleased to announce that the Iron Horse oatmeal stout will be on tap starting Tuesday evening February 1st, and will be on permanently as our house stout.

* The bottle release for the Hi-Fi Rye Barleywine (2011) and the Barrel-Aged Hi-Fi Rye Barleywine (2010) will be released in tandem on February 26th at Noon. Bottles of the Hi-Fi will be $10 and bottles of the Barrel Aged Hi-Fi will be $15. There will be a 6 bottle limit for each.

* Finally, the last of the Grandma's Sleigh Ride is on and for the remaining months of cold weather and big beers we are going to be rotating the bourbon barrels so one style isn't on too long. The first will be the Wooden Horse, the barrel aged version of the Iron Horse.


Unknown said...

Not sure about the Out-house Stout - may be a little heady?

Bjorn Johnson said...

What a comical typo, corrected now. The previous post stated that Iron Horse would be on tap as "out house" stout. It should have read "our house stout". Please excuse the mistake.