Monday, March 01, 2010

Hi-Fi Rye Wine Bottle Release

We are releasing the bottles of our Hi-Fi Rye Wine on Saturday, March 20th at NOON. Hi-Fi is an 11% ABV beer similar to a barleywine, only most of this beer's grain bill was rye. 58% rye in fact. We added a very minute touch of caraway seed for a little more of the "rye bread" flavor. Hopped to balance the huge malt character with pacific northwest hops, this beer has been aging in stainless for the last three months to allow this beer to mellow and mature. This will be a limited release, so we will have a bottle limit set after the total number of cases are counted. First come, first serve.


cranium said...

Hey Bryan is there a limit on quantity and what is the price point? Any cool artwork on this one?

Ellipsis Design said...

I hope the artwork is cool :) Bryan, call me regarding Hi-Fi and .357. (708-717-1563) -joe

njmarkovich said...

Just saw an image of the artwork online. Awesome, indeed. I tried this beer at the Piece Barley Wine night. It put everything else to shame...a couple friends even thought it better than 3F's Behemoth. I'll be there tomorrow for a couple bottles.

Unknown said...

I'm drinking a bottle now.

It's an exceptional beer with a perfect body, and unique, complex, but subtle flavors.

Don't leave it in the barrels too long, its close to perfect already.

Stellar job Bryan.

cranium said...

Damn good stuff Bryan. I heard there will be a barrel aged version. Only on tap at the brewpub? Either way, when can we expect some?