Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dear Summer....

It's been scarce around recently. As I have said before, that either means nothing is going on, or everything is going on. In this case everything is going on. I bottled up 77 cases of Pullman yesterday and we have done 4 brews in the last 7 days. Most brewers would scoff but for us that's pretty busy. Sometimes you just need to get away from work and away from beer for a while. I took off a few days and made it a long Memorial day weekend. Fishing, guns, beer, etc. Not all at the same time mind you.

So now I/we are back in it, and hard. I dropped two kegs off at Map Room today. We have a tasting at Armanetti's in Lakeview on Friday. See you around. Don't be strangers.

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