Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trip to Left Hand

I had been to Left Hand once a few years ago on one of our GABF forays but this time we got a tour from one of the owners so I thought I would share the photos with you.

They have a very cool tasting room/bar attached to the front of the brewery and a lot of really good beer to go with it. My drink of choice while I was there was a Rauch Doppelbock called Smoked Goosinator. It was outstanding.

The ladies (my wife and Matt's) and I were going through a sampler tray as more and more people were trickling into the tasting room. I think during GABF week Longmont, Ft. Collins, and Boulder get a huge influx of traffic from the fest and all of the brewers in town. As the crown swelled there was an announcement that a tour was going to start. Yay! a Tour! I almost never say no to a brewery tour, no matter how many of them I've seen.


Proof that someone is doing work.

Old fermentation room (now small batch room)

It looked like they did all of their barrel aging in this Fermentation room (which was cold) and they also said they almost exclusively use wine barrels for their barrel aging.


Fermenters (of which they said they are going to add more, Left Hand is growing by leaps and bounds)

Their beers are available in IL now, so seek them out because they make some good ones. If you're near Longmont, stop by because it's worth the trip.

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