Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tap List 3/20/07 First Day of Spring

Milky Way Stout (5.5% abv)

A milk stout that we have brought back from almost two years ago. Creamy, chocolaty, and a little sweetness makes for a very drinkable sweet stout.

X-IPA (8.0% abv)

You know it, you love it, you ask us for it every time we don't have it on. It's X-IPA, our 100% Amarillo hop bomb. It's not subtle, it's not weak, and if it's at all like our last IPA it won't be on tap for long.

Killer Kowalski Baltic Porter (8.3% abv)
Our deep, dark, full-bodied lager. A slightly bittersweet chocolate aroma with a malty body that hints at dark fruits. It's complex and very enjoyable with a touch of roast finish. This may be the best beer we make all year long.

Social Lubricator Dopplebock (7.2% abv)
A malty, caramel colored German lager with a medium body and a crisp lager finish. Subtle roast and caramel malt aroma that remind you of fresh baked bread or toffee. Loosen up and get out of the cold with a tall glass of this special treat.

Replicale Saison
(6.3% abv)
[Almost Gone]
This year's installment of the Illinois Craft Brewer's Guild's Replicale project is a belgian-style farmhouse saison. Ours ended up very fruity and spicy from the saison yeast that we let go wild. Look for a pale to yellow beer that has a complex, tart, and refreshing flavor to it.


Anonymous said...

X-IPA...I'm heading to the Station tonight (3/27). Just curious if you still have it on tap...


brewer a said...

Yes it will and we will be putting our Wit on tonight as well.

Anonymous said...

tell me about your Wit..

Curious Hophead