Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Congratulations Danny....

Mateja, for being the only one to correctly guess the secret spices in the 12 Days of Christmas Keg #1. It was cinnamon and orange peel. I have a feeling he might of been in earshot when I was talking about it or, he just has an incredible palette?? Regardless, he wins a growler of choice. Don't forget #2 is pouring now.
Sorry for the subtlety in Keg #1. I took it off the spices before serving and I think the citrus character became subdued. Most people nailed the cinnamon but missed the orange peel.

Keg #2 only pours until Thursday at 2PM. Stop by and take a guess. One of the spices might be easy and the other is near impossible. Hint: Some guy named Todd Ashman has used this in beers before. Sorry if you've guessed and know it now.....but that's life ;)


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