Monday, November 20, 2006

Awards recap for 2006

(matt holding the award for driving the biggest P.O.S Toyta Previa in the U.S. awarded by your neighboorhood hacksaw dealer)

It's been a pretty decent year for Matt and I at Flossmoor Station. That may seem to be putting it a little lightly, considering all the stuff that we have walked away with this year at the World Beer Cup, Great American Beer Fest, ICBG Barrel Aged Fest, etc, but as Matt has said before, it's not all about awards.

It's great to win, anything, but even if at the end of the day you walk away with nothing more than what you came in with, your brewery doesn't go out of business, they don't take your beer off the shelves, and bars don't shun you away when you come calling.

That being said, winning awards is awesome and makes you feel like all of your time and energy hasn't been wasted on "merely making beer." So lets look back at a year that I won't soon forget.

Smarch 4th, Night of the Living Ales (Popular Vote)
Champion Real Ale of Chicagoland - X-I.P.A.

April 14th, World Beer Cup
Category: 10 Specialty Beer - 17 Entries
Gold: Pullman Brown Ale
Category: 43 Belgian-Style Sour Ale - 22 Entries
Silver: De Wilde Zuidentrein

May 22nd, Radical Beer Open
Bronze - De Wilde Zuidentrein

September 30th, Great American Beer Festival

Pullman Brown Ale
Silver Specialty Beer

Angry Mike's Stoudt Creek
Silver Experimental Beer

Black Wolf Schwarzbier
Gold German-Style Schwarzbier

Wooden Hell
Bronze Wood- and Barrel-aged Strong Beer

Small Brewpub Company and Small Brewpub Company Brewer of the Year

November 4th, ICBG Festival of Wood and Barrel-aged Beers
Category 1: Classic Porters & Stouts
Silver - Brown Heaven
Category 3: Barleywines
Gold -
Wooden Hell
Category 4/5: Classic Styles, Strong/Double/Imperial Pale Beers
Gold - Ol' Woody
Silver - Ella's Reserve

Runner-Up Best in Show:Ol' Woody

November 11th, Chicago Beer Society Fall Tasting (Blind tasting & popular vote)
Imperial Mocha Stout - 1st place favorite beer

Next year we aren't going to win anything, or make good beer so make sure to get it while you can.

(Don't ever let Matt into a malt house and give him a tour)

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