Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bum Ankles and Updates a.k.a "So What's Coming Up Next?"

It may be an innocent enough question, but there are few more annoying things to hear than, "So what's next?" or, "What beers coming up?" Just enjoy the ones we have on right now, and if you don't enjoy them, then ask us "What's next, because I don't like these 10 or 12 you have on right now." So here's whats next. Your long awaited update.

So recently, while leaving work, trying to make the train at the last second, I slipped on some wet concrete and sprained my ankle real good. If you feel like you want to look at a picture of a gross bruised foot, you can click here and see how awesome I have felt for the last week.

So you might be thinking to yourself: "Hmm, with a sprained ankle, Andrew should have tons of updates ready for this blog." right?


I don't have the means to take off work (re: no health insurance, no car, and no savings) so I have been just as busy as always. Just more painfully busy. In fact, Matt has had to pick up a good deal of my slack (And he has a bad back) because it's pretty hard for me to walk up stairs, let alone hump bags of grain like Huck Finn up to the brewhouse. But while we are on the subject of brewing, here is what is in store for your gullets in the coming months.

A Big I.P.A.

July 25th our newest big I.P.A. will be on tap. As is the new custom, Mug Club members get first dibs before all you regular folk. This I.P.A. will hopefully satiate you hopheads out there for a few months at least. The alcohol is hefty and may make you do a double take when place side by side with our 1906 Anniversary Ale.

Spaceballs the Beer!

Ok, so it's not made by Yoghurt but it is a Schwartz. It's a Schwartzbier. A dark lager. I know that might blow some of your minds but believe it! It's darker than...than....something really dark, but there is very little roasted malt character. It is a lager after all. You will drink it, and you will like it. You might even be able to drink the Schwartz and the Imperial Stout at the same time and impress your friends that one is dark and heavy and one is dark and light and very drinkable. They will be shocked and awed.

You know it's coming. This Thursday Matt and I will attempt to whip up another batch to lay down for the summer, just like they used to do before refrigeration!

Oktoberfest used to be stored in caves like the one pictured above before modern times.

And don't forget, The Great Taste of the Midwest is rapidly approaching. There will be many different types of barrel aged and special beers that we will be featuring on this glorious day. I hope you have tickets and a hotel room already because it's going to be a great festival.

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