Friday, February 24, 2006

Current Beer List 2/27/06

Brilliant! Dry Irish Stout
It's that time of year again. When the south siders parade about, when they dye the river green, and when your friends think it's cool to pretend they are Irish. To commerate we are offering Brilliant!, a opaque and creamy stout with a silky mouthfeel. It's served on nitrogen so watch for cascades, and erin go bleargh!

Rise 'N Shine *Nearly Gone*Coffee Oatmeal Stout a.k.a Breakfast Stout 5% ABVRise 'N Shine is an opaque black stout with a tan head that begins with the aroma of dark roasted coffee. It has a smooth yet full body with a hint of coffee flavors that complements the stout's flavors rather than overwhelms it.

Hot Beer
American style Wheat Ale spiced with fresh Anaheim and Habanero chili peppers 5%ABV
If you happen to feel daring, try our little experiment. Anaheim's give it a solid pepper flavor, and the Habaneros give it a spicy burn that lets you know what's up.

Aught Six Ale
English style ESB (Extra Special Bitter) 5.5% ABV
Traditional English ale brewed with floor malted English Malts, balanced against East Kent Golding and Fuggles hops.

Imperial India Pale Ale 7.5% ABV
This big, hoppy beast was brewed with 100% Amarillo hops, giving it a big citrusy aroma that follows you throughout the entire pint.

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Mark McD said...

Guys, what'cha oughtta do is have your complete beer list on a separate blog with an RSS feed. Each beer on tap would be a separate entry. Then we reader can subscribe to the feed, and whenever we want to know what's on tap, it's just li'l icon click away!

Mark McDermott