Tuesday, October 03, 2006

2006 Small Brewpub Brewer and Small Brewpub of the year

Small brewpub of the year used the be the punchline to the joke that Matt and I would tell each other at work when something really frustrating would happen where you just want to walk off the job and go home for the day. Even after winning it seems just as unreal as those bad days at work. Walking off the stage and seeing all of your fellow Illinois brewers there waiting to congratulate you is a genuinley special feeling that I would be surprised to experience ever again.

You are only as good as the people that are around you. In our case we wouldn't have been able to win without our fellow brewers. The barrels we used for Wooden Hell, came from Pete Crowly at Rock Bottom Chicago. The yeast we used for Black Wolf came from Jim and Mike at Prairie Rock but started at Emmett's. Our bottling happened at America's Brewing Company @ Walter Payton's Roundhouse with Mike Rybinski as you may have read about already. And finally but equally as important, Goose Island packed up all of our beer and send it off on a refrigerated truck to Denver to be judged.

This next week we will be adding plenty of updates, tons of pictures, we had a great time in Denver this year and there is a lot to tell about.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Flossmoor Station on both awards. This is quite an occasion and with the mention in this months "Brew Your Own" mag for Barrel Aged Brew's it is most certainly your month and year. Hope you do just as well at the Barrel Aged BrewFest in November.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Matt and Andrew as it is much deserved!